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New to Our Shop: Enamel Pins

Announcing all our new enamel pins

In 2017, we designed a simple enamel pin of a mountain with a gold heart in it. We had our friends over at Fandom Flair help us with the process of making an enamel pin and within a few months we had our first design. I fell in love with enamel pins right then and there. It was beautiful! We sold out of them fairly quickly and knew we would have to make more.

Our first enamel pin design

Several months later, I looked back at some doodles I had drawn while at work and realized that they would make really cute pins. Me and my partner collaborated and designed the other two enamels pins based on those doodles - Yarn Cat & Under the Stars. Both were designed with our passions in mind.

Yarn Cat Collection

Yarn Cat was definitely created out of the love we have for our three cats and my obsession with yarn. We're really happy with how all three colors turned out. I was giddy when they were completed.

Under the Stars was an idea I had for a long time that I had just kept doodling over and over again; especially while daydreaming at work. Sean and I have been on many camping adventures and our love for camping and the outdoors is one of the many reasons we fell in love with each other. I brought the doodle to Sean and asked him if he thought we should make it into an enamel pin, of course he did! So...we did! We hope our customers love the designs as much as we loved creating them. Tell us what you think @geeknest, we love hearing from our customers!

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