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 What is Geek Nest? 

Geek Nest specializes in unique candle fragrances inspired by popular books and television shows. We use quality ingredients and ensure every candle smells amazing. 

Geek Nest began a long time before I officially opened a shop for it in 2014. I've been making candles and jewelry since childhood and began selling at craft shows in 2011 after completing graduate coursework in Psychology. When I started my career in mental health, I felt like there was a big piece missing out of my life still. I realized quickly that I had been neglecting the creative side of me, the part of me that loved painting and crafting. So, I created my first Etsy shop in 2011 which eventually evolved into Geek Nest. I'm grateful for the opportunity to fulfill that passion in my life and I have my customers to thank for that. Thank you. 

Shop Members

Carrie Heyen 


Sean Mullins

Photographer & Graphic Designer

Geek Nest Shop Team
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