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Walking into the Three Broomsticks Inn, you notice a few other patrons enjoying a cold drink. You ask what they're having. Butterbeer, similar tasting to butterscotch but less sickly tasting. You take a gulp and enjoy the refreshing, slightly intoxicating beverage of butterscotch and just a hint of vanilla.

Candle is in a 4 oz tin. Burn time is ~18 hours. 

Approximately 75% soy and 25% paraffin wax. I use a blended wax for a smoother appearance, longer burn time, and a clean burn. 


  • We use high quality ingredients to ensure a long lasting burn, high scent throw, and beautiful appearance. Due to the differences in computer screens and because I mix each batch by hand, some color variance will occur. 

    I've been making candles for four years and have been a geek my entire life. I'm excited to share the my love for all things geek with my customers. Please check out Geek Nest's instagram @geeknest and our facebook page

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