Lord of the Rings set includes:

The Shire: You like simple, cozy things - like Hobbit homes. Bring a part of the shire to your own home with the smell of green, bluegrass, and airy aromas. 

Gandalf the White. Fill your hobbit home with the light, clean scent of white sage and citrus. 

Rivendell: One of the most beautiful places in Middle Earth, this Elven city is surrounded by waterfalls, gorgeous landscapes, and a rich culture. Rivendell features the aromas of fresh air, waterfalls, and white flowers.

Lord of the Rings Candle Set of 3

  • We use high quality ingredients to ensure a long lasting burn, high scent throw, and beautiful appearance. Due to the differences in computer screens and because I mix each batch by hand, some color variance will occur. 

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