Doctor Who.  A show that helped me realize the beauty and wonder in the universe.  Experience the adventure of Doctor Who in a whole new way.  


This set features the following candles:


-TARDIS Blue. Her beautiful appearance is complemented by her beautiful fragrance. Her heart is as as grand as her intelligence and wisdom.  Find yourself in the gardens of her vast, endless wonderment. Floral aroma of lily, rose, stems, jasmine, and orange. 


-Adipose. They're adorable, cute little waddling blobs of fat. It wasn't their fault these innocent marshmallow puffs came into our world in a way that harmed people. To remember Adipose Industries and their adorable havoc they created, I bring to you the the lightly scented marshmallow fragrance that is Adipose White. 


-Hello Sweetie. SPOILERS. The most important person to the Doctor. Smells like Lavender and Lemon.


-Silence in the Library. The last time River Song ever saw the Doctor. Silence in the Library smells like old books and magazines.

Doctor Who Set of Four

  • We use high quality ingredients to ensure a long lasting burn, high scent throw, and beautiful appearance. Due to the differences in computer screens and because I mix each batch by hand, some color variance will occur. 

    I've been making candles since 2014 and have been a geek my entire life. I'm excited to share the my love for all things geek with my customers. Please check out Geek Nest's instagram @geeknest and our facebook page