Cyberman Grey. They were once human, just like you. Now they've been assimilated and upgraded. They believe they're more advanced with their emotionless, forceful reckoning but they're not going to take us over because we are clever! What does a Cyberman smell like? They smell like unisex cologne/perfume with metal undertones - a reminder of their once human, beautiful existence that has since turned into a cold, emotionless metal shell. 

Candle is in a 4 oz tin. Burn time is ~18 hours. 

Approximately 75% soy and 25% paraffin wax. I use a blended wax for a smoother appearance, longer burn time, and a clean burn. 

Cyberman Grey

  • We use high quality ingredients to ensure a long lasting burn, high scent throw, and beautiful appearance. Due to the differences in computer screens and because I mix each batch by hand, some color variance will occur. 

    I've been making candles for four years and have been a geek my entire life. I'm excited to share the my love for all things geek with my customers. Please check out Geek Nest's instagram @geeknest and our facebook page