Three layer mask with two layers of woven quilted 100% cotton and one middle layer of flannel. There are two buttons on each side of the mask to accommodate any length of elastic - wearer can adjust the elastic to their comfort.


The mask comes with four pieces of 1mm elastic. Two pieces will be 8 inches long for those who prefer over the ear loops. The other two pieces will be 16 inches long for those who prefer around the head elastic. The mask will come with both options for those who want to switch it up. The elastic will NOT be knotted so that the wearer can adjust the length of the elastic to fit.


The top of the mask has a small pocket for the nose bridge piece. The mask comes with a metal, bendable nose piece. This is to conform around the bridge of the nose.


The inside of the mask has a filter pocket that can hold an additional disposable layer if needed. Some articles recommend two layers of paper towels, however, the mask can be worn without any additional layers.


The mask may not look exactly like the one shown, however, it will have the same fabric and will be the same style.

Blue Dotted Mask

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